The art of growing apart and together.

How have you been doing?
After the lockdown a friend reached out and asked. And I gave the general ‘very well, thank you’ reply.
Then I realized I’ve evaded the question for almost a year.
When ‘Ylaw told me I was too conservative, that people hardly know what’s up with me, I knew he was right.
Can you blame me? Half the time people only want to hear what I’m doing, not how I’m doing. Which is cool. I just got tired of talking, or in this case typing.
So, I got used to the general replies.
I’m conservative, yes. But the people who know me know what’s up.
And that’s more than enough.
We don’t talk as much as the ones always curious about me, but when we do it’s mind blowing.
Conversations that make you feel like not a day has gone by.
Or like you’ve been talking daily nonstop.
That’s what I look forward too.
Once I used to feel guilty about not talking to friends on a steady. It worried me because half the time I had nothing to say.
But ‘Ylaw said it’s normal. All you’ve to do is get in touch. Sometimes, it’s just a simple hi, or you could talk business. That’s a general topic now.
‘Ylaw did mention it could be once a month, or once in 2 months. Or sometimes once a year. The idea is to catch up.
So, to you who’s feeling bad about abandoning your friends, don’t. It happens when the elements of distance and responsibility come into play.
Then again if you’re curious about what I’m doing, check my socials. That should tell you a bit, or not.

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