For the love of books.

Writers and authors are wickedly creative.
They suck your soul deep into a world they create,with distinguished characters you’ll love or hate,make them do questionable things for unknown reasons,take you on emotional roller-coasters and give  unexpected ending that leaves you needing more. And more.
I love stories, I’m sure I always have.
All my life, I’ve known authors and I’ve known authors.
There exists the regular ones, with cliché stories and endings.
There’s the unexpected.
The inquisitive.
Then there’s the infuriating.
I was 17 when I met my first unexpected author. She killed the best character. I cried, and for days I wasn’t sure how my life would go on. But it did.
Then I met more.
And now, I can’t even categorize them anymore.
SJM has lovely and awesome characters you’ll wish dead at some point. (I’m talking about the bad guy enjoying being bad with a good hidden agenda). PS; her stories are a whole new world.
Then there’s TD, I’ve never loved horrors like his. They’re the kind of books I’d read over again and wish I didn’t when I’m done.
CH, she takes young adult to a whole new level. And for every book she has, there’s always a character to connect with.
What about SS? There’s no author as infuriating as him. Even late, his works still torments me in impossible ways.
Let me talk CNA, phenomenal. One book was all it took.
DS and NR always believe in love. Finding it and being found at any stage, point or age in life. I guess they make love look intelligent.
I could keep going, but I’m not sure there’s enough verbs to distinguishly describe such species. They are one of a kind.
So, show appreciation and respect to one today, because there’s a whole new universe in their minds.

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