Excerpt from the diary of a cancerous chick.

Dear Luc’, have I told you how handsome you look today? You make our uniform so special.
Dear Luc’, you’ve always been a natural, you make contact-sports sexy.
Dear Luc’, today you left my side to chill with Ella and her friends. That hurt, alot.
Dear Luc’, I missed you today. Hospitals suck.
Dear Luc’, you promised to save me a dance at graduation. I guess you forgot because this time, Munirat stole my dance.
Dear Luc’, I’m leaving. Dad says Schools abroad are better and a lot more educative in practical, so I’ve to leave. I’ll be missing you, and will probably see you in every guy I meet. I hope you think of me, even once a week will do.
I took a walk this evening and thought I’d check you online. My mistake. You’re getting married, oh Luc’.

Dear Lucas, it’s what everyone calls you now. It was our 10 year reunion, and I should question how you went from the boy of my dreams to the man of reality. I guess I haven’t changed much.
Oh Lucas, I felt like I could do anything when you asked to see a movie together. Like I could be whomever I wanted. I loved our talks, reminiscing about how you picked on me because I was always moody, about how we’d often study together and help each other,about the days you walked me to the bustop after lessons because “it was late and you were being a gentleman “.

Today we had a serious argument. About why I couldn’t make it to our anniversary dinner. I should let you know before this gets serious, but we’re only just starting and what if……

Lucas, today you walked away,because you fell out of love. Or because of the secrets. I’ll never know. But I’ll never forget you. You gave me the best 17 months of my life. And I hope you find one who gives you your best eternity.

My dear Lucas, you should know I tried. Really hard but failed. But the cells became metastatic, and all I had was time. Time well spent. I saw your family, and I knew I’d given you something more than love. If you see this, woe not. Arduous as it was, I lived my best life, and I’d change nothing if I could.

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